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Have I the level? What school diploma do I have to have?

How to register me?

Foundation Year

"Fashion and textile oriented" - 1 year

It is one year of upgrade in decorative arts, specialized in the fashion. This fashion and textile preparatory year is open to the holders of a high school diploma, DAEU, or equivalent.

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Fashion & Pattern Design Degree – 2 years


Stylist's Diploma - Designer, level title III in France,

Is open to the students having followed the foundation year "Fashion and Textile oriented".

( Or equivalent.)

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BTS "Textile & Environment Design" - 2 years

The advanced technician's certificate, the diploma of state of France, is opened to the students having followed the foundation year "Fashion and Textile oriented", one year of upgrade in decorative arts or being holders of a STI decorative arts high school diploma.

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Fashion marketing certificate

Luxury industrye - 2 years

This training is opened to high degreed student or equivalency or after the first year of « prepa mode et textile ».

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Luxury industry" {+}

Specializations - 1 year

The specializations are accessible to the students holders of the high school diploma +2 and to the students proving an equivalent level.

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The modules of initiation are open to all. The modules of deepening are the object of a test of knowledge and the modules of further training, of a test of motivation.

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If you correspond to these criteria of admissions, send back us the index card of pre-registration downloaded below or you can contact us to obtain further information.