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Art Education

The cultural and specific learning in the field of the art allows the student

to awake its curiosity, to develop its creativity and its personal vision

during various projects.

The drawing and the plastic expression

From the preparatory year, the apprenticeship of the various basic techniques of the drawing is essential.

The sketch allows to acquire a speed of analysis in the observation. It gives a sketch, a first rough layout of the shape with the shadows and the lights.

The alive model is an exercise which allows to restore the volume, the movement and the expressions of the body. It also allows to understand the human body morphology, its measures and its forms, that is a main thing to know in the fashion designer job.

The study of the drapes of fabrics and the situation scenario of diverse objects are exercises of observation realized with the pencil, the charcoal, the graphite or by means of other techniques.

The experiment of the various techniques of colorization is connected to the personal experimentation of the various paper bases: study of tones, values and nuances of an image.

computer graphics - style

The control of the IT tool having become essential in the textile industry, the IBSM includes in all its studies the weekly teaching of the softwares specific to the jobs of fashion.

In preparatory class, the pupils are formed to the technical drawing on the software Adobe Illustrator: realization of figurines, forms of clothes, graphics to be printed on textile supports, of logos and projects of packaging.

During the next two years, the pupils are also formed on the software Adobe Photoshop: creation of atmosphere pages, illustrations of tendencies book, flyers, advertisements, logos for their possible brand creation to the release of the IBSM, etc.

The students are also formed to software of computer graphics specialized in the fashion such as 3D Lectra, Modaris and Kaledo.

To facilitate the elaboration of the personal and professional files, the room of computer graphics, having Internet connections, is in free access throughout the program.

The workshops of textile experiment

The textile creation is a strong discipline and a way of major expression. For a long time, the IBSM is very attached to the textile material. So, the school has an important "fabrics room", regularly updated during numerous Parisian trade shows as Première Vision, Indigo, Expofil or still Modamont.

Numerous samples of threads and fabrics are at the disposal of the students for the preparation of their files of material research.

The hand or machine knitting, the weaving, the approach of the embroidery, the lace, the felt-tip, the screenprinting and the techniques of dye are present teachings in all the studies proposed by the IBSM.

The general and artistic knowledge

The interest for the tendencies and the environment of the fashion as well as the attendance of trade shows are essential for the stylists.

A robust general and artistic knowledge is essential to any creation in domains concerned by our training.

The art history, the design, the technologies, the visual communication, the physical sciences, the management, and the philosophy are a part of teachings, without forgetting English, essential in a professional environment.