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11 place des Quinconces

33000 Bordeaux France

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Students familiarize themselves with the

professional world.


All year long, the IBSM organized events are so many opportunities for students to approach the professional world. They contribute in an active way to the manifestations, organization and implementation.

IBSM participates to a lot of fashion linked events, trade shows, competitions  and manifestations. It also organizes fashion shows and open days introducing the students works.

It's so many real situations which commercial and marketing dimensions that allows  IBSM students to build them a network of contacts in the art and fashion creation world.


Samedi 5 novembre 2016 - de 10h 00 à 18h00

Palais des congrès Bordeaux


Journées portes ouvertes :

Vendredi 18 & Samedi 19 Novembre 2016

Samedi 10 Décembre 2016

Samedi 21 Janvier 2017

Samedi 04 Février 2017


Salon Que faire après un bac +2/+3/+4

Samedi 11 mars 2016 - de 10h00 à 18h00

Cité mondiale, Centre de Congrès,

Salle Brasilia et Espace Bamako

18 parvis des Chartrons - 33080 Bordeaux


More to come !


Two weeks of creative workshops around a common theme. During these workshops, the IBSM becomes a creative tree nursery and allows the students to express themselves on every type of medium and to discover new techniques with professional participants.

Fashion shows

The end of the year fashion show is the image of the school. It's a tribute to creativity.  The Institutional and professionals of the fashion, as well as the general public are invited.

All students participate in this fashion show and a wide place is made for the students of 2nd year who present their collections to professionals. This show is also the opportunity for students to let their creativity express itself in broad daylight.

End of the year Fashion Show

Monday, June 20th 2016

All year long, other fashion shows are organized, around a theme or around a competition for example.