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Fashion & Pattern Design Degree


Since 2012, this training is registered in the RNCP (National Registry of Professional Certifications). From the conception to the fabrication of prototypes, this formation favors a direct contact with the material and so flat-fell seam or on a model. Fashion design, applied arts, design and general knowledge are even more important, there are combined with internships, so the students could have a fast integration in the professional world whether it be in workshops, industry, company or in free-lance. Moreover, since 2010, students are trained to different work techniques (in 3D) that gives them a better visualization of prototypes and to adapt themselves to new fashion design technologies.

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Artistic Education :

Drawing and plastic expression

Style/fashion sketches/creation of a new collection

Computer graphics

Textile creation

Design culture

Vocational Education :

Flat-fell seam /Fashion draping/Editing

Fabrication and textile technologies

Lectra Modaris

General Education:


Economy – Management