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Fashion marketing certificate Luxury industry

Training in 2 years – Ibsm school diploma


This training is opened to high degreed student or equivalency or after the first year of « prepa mode et textile ».

It leads to fashion careers such as collection manager, fashion communication manager, merchandiser or buyer.

Following the straight marketing and communication theories, courses are exclusively adapted to the fashion product and its technicities.

Thanks to its numerous partnerships of fashion industry, C2M diploma allows you to get your first industrial factories contacts in France and international.

The study of stylist sketches and boards will lead to the industrial prospection, prices negociation adapted to fashion technics.

Fabrics technology and weaving courses will enhance your skill to communicate and market fashion product properly !


At the end of this training, an internship can be applied for 4 to 6 months in France or other countries.

Each internship certification is approved according to the student report inspected by a jury composed of fashion professionnals.



Collection development

Collection managing, style acknowledges and collection plan.


Merchandising - branding

Fashion culture

History of garment


Digital web communication

Economy - management

Collection portfolio and negociation

Style/ trends

Study of sketches and trends, colors aknowledges

Fabrics technology

Fabrics, knittings, weaving and origins, dying technics


Production specificities

English and french

Language for fashion technics