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11 place des Quinconces

33000 Bordeaux France

+(00 33)5 56 79 28 79

Ibsm "plus"

The following main features contributed to its reputation,

this is why the school is one of the leaders in pattern making

and fashion design.

- Continuity: IBSM allows you to follow your courses in Bordeaux

- Thanks to our French and foreign partners, you're able to do your internships in accordance to your professional projects.

- Textile workshops encourage students to develop their creativity, essential for the rest of their studies. It permits to them to go further in their textile creations with the files they work on.

- Computer graphics room: 2D and 3D are open to students outside school hours. They have free access to the Internet and also to software for their personal research.

- The "fabric room" is regularly updated when there are professional showrooms. Thanks to the fabric room where technologies textile is teach, is done under model conditions, where students have a direct contact with the studied textile.

- Sensibility to the material is combined with applied exercises.

- Oral expression: throughout schooling.

- Documentation is very rich and specialized in fashion and environment.

- The school guaranteed a quality approach