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11 place des Quinconces

33000 Bordeaux France

+(00 33)5 56 79 28 79

2 Recognized diplomas, 25 years of experience

Fashion & Pattern Design Degree

  (Level III recorded at the French RNCP)

BTS Textile & Environment Design

  (State Diploma)

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Accreditation of prior learning (VAE)

Our trainings are accessible by the Accreditation of prior learning (VAE) which is a recognition of the work experience which allows to validate a diploma. It is accessible to every person, who proves of at least three years of experience in the same domain as the aimed certification.

EVENTS & meetings

Salons des formations artistiques et communication

Samedi 5 novembre 2016 - de 10h 00 à 18h00

Palais des congrès Bordeaux


Journées portes ouvertes :

Vendredi 18 & Samedi 19 Novembre 2016

Samedi 10 Décembre 2016

Samedi 21 Janvier 2017

Samedi 04 Février 2017



Salon Que faire après un bac +2/+3/+4

Samedi 11 mars 2016 - de 10h00 à 18h00

Cité mondiale, Centre de Congrès,

Salle Brasilia et Espace Bamako

18 parvis des Chartrons - 33080 Bordeaux


Défilé de fin d'année

Lundi 26 juin 2016

Business partnerships

Become partner of the only Bordeaux fashion school to propose two diplomas recognized by the French State!

IBSM created partnerships with companies for the students to realize within the framework of the end of year examination a real project adapted to the specifications of the company and to their creativity.

Let us establish together partnerships because they facilitate the search for internships and jobs to the students. We thank the companies which welcome and will welcome our trainees within the framework of a partnership school / company..

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