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Fashion jobs

A lot of outlets are open to the graduates, from the conception to the

distribution, through the manufacturing and the marketing.

The IBSM proposes a set of trainings which will allow the students to integrate, in a company or as freelancers, all the levels of the textile sector according to their expectations and to their objectives.

Fashion designer

Trends fashion designer

Collection designer

Fashion designer for clothes and collections

Fashion Accessories Designer

Wearing Illustrator

Products development

Fashion marketing assistant

Textile Designer

Color designer

Material designer

Drawer, textile designer, computer graphic designer

Fabric designer

Warp and Weft Designer

Knitwear Designer

Engraver(textile print)

pattern maker

Prototypes designer

Unique products designer


Collection elaborators

Quality controller

3D Pattern maker

Fashion teaching

Buyer, stylist council

Textile product operator

Selling place designer

Editorial assistant

(fashion press)

Photography designer, person in charge of shootings

Fashion communication councilor

Fashion events organizer

Commercial,markets developer

Quality controller