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The pattern maker

The vocation of the pattern maker is very technical.

An interpreter

Intermediary between the creation and the manufacturing, the pattern maker interprets the ideas of the stylist and has to represent them in 2D (patronage) or 3D (molding). He has to have a perfect knowledge about the techniques of construction of the garment to develop the basic pattern and assure the development of the prototype.

The designer is responsible for data sheets which will be transmitted in the manufacturing. Its rigor, its sense of observation and its creativity are essential assets in his integration in the team.

Since 2010, the learning of working techniques in 3 dimensions thanks to the 3D software allows the students to better visualize the prototype and to adapt itself to the new technologies of the model making.

The practice of foreign languages is major in these jobs. Indeed, the quality control becomes essential during the relocation of the manufacturing.

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