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Bordelais Institute of Patternmaking and Design

 is forming for 25 years, major players in the fashion sector.


Strong of its 25 years of experience, and its technical and educational knowledge, the Bordelais Institute of Patternmaking and Design prepares in 3 years its students for jobs of fashion collection creators and conceptors.

CEO portrait - Mrs. Ghislaine DAUREL-HEYDENREICH

Since the beginning, she was attracted by Fine Arts and after a 2 years formation at Dupérré School Applied Art in Paris, she works since from 1982 in a style office alongside Nelly Rodi as a textile researcher and stylist assistant.

From 1983 to 1988, she was an industrial stylist, then a marketing assistant at Griffine Maréchal and became quickly manager of creation and industrial textile products whom she was in charge with promotion, for furnishings and clothes departments.

In 1991, she took the Institute (IBSM). This ambitious project was born in a real passion and a great desire to pass to youngest people, her textile’s knowledge and her experience in the fashion industry by giving them some technology textile classes and by animating textile creation workshops.

Real passionate, Ghislaine DAUREL-HEYDENREICH isn’t limited to her pedagogy success and her establishment in which she invested herself in many charities, linked with the artistic world with different partnerships. MACM President (Arts and fashion designer’s house), she also invests since 2009 in “Campus Chartrons” charity by setting up the Common Open Day idea.

Pedagogical project

France occupies a big part on the global market especially in textile and fashion economic sector. The increasing of Globalization and Apparel Industry, the Cultural and economic mutations, the appearance of new technologies bring a permanent demand from consumers which always changing. Moreover, there is an increasing of supply, requiring in companies a high level of qualifications.

All these parameters make textile companies to integrate people trained to social sciences and new technologies to develop their creativity, competitiveness and increasing their export positioning. It's about forming people be able to analyze the market so as to design and realize collections in keeping with it.

Besides, IBSM take part of an evolutionary perspective by involving its students in creative and graphics research, by developing fundamental technique practices just as a strong general and artistic culture. Not forgetting, analyze and market monitoring, construction and communication of professional networks.

IBSM based its pedagogical project by lean on complementarity between creative process, tool controls and fashion methods. Open-mindedness, creativity, innovation, technical skills and transversality are as much keywords that allow people adapt themselves to the fashion market globalization constantly moving.

It's about training creative and rigorous designer that will anticipate new trends and meet the needs of an industrial production. By the emergence of new trades, internationally oriented, foreign languages become an advantage for fashion professionals. The school is about to setting up an additional training in fashion marketing.

As such, in 2009, IBSM engaged a creation of procedure including a Stylist Designer diploma approved by the French National Commission for Vocational Certification (CNCP) and registered to the RNCP (National Registry of Professional Certifications) in January 2012.

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Equipment, Educational resources and innovations

Since 1991, a "tissuthèque" is at the service of the students teaching method. It permits textile knowledge and it's a sample source for student files.

Since 1999, IBSM regularly use: overhead projectors, film projectors and computers.

Since 2004, the whole students have access to computer graphics rooms for the apprenticeship of softwares (Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop) still link to fashion creation.

In 2009, IBSM also had pro 3D softwares for model making (Modaris, Diamino, Kaledo, and Lectra).

In 2013, IBSM purchased a tracer for model making classes, sewing and pattern printing classes, created on computers with Modaris software (2D and 3D).

The textile workshop equipped with knitting machines, loom and various supplies allow students to express themselves through their creativity related to their stylish and pattern making files. Wifi is accessible to students in the whole establishment.