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Professional Education

Essential to the artistic training, it bases on a good knowledge

of textiles and the fashion world.

Fashion Design

It is focused on the aesthetic and expressive dimension of the concrete and functional fashion environment.

Real laboratory of creation and design, place of convergence of all the disciplines, the fashion design allows the student to develop its approach of project by integrating various phases: from the experiment to the finished product.

From the observation drawing to the human body knowledge, the familiarization with the fashion sketch will allow to conceive the models of the future collection, by taking into account constraints of the market.

The color range and the material searches will finalize the plan of collection orientation.

The professional practice will mark out the training with the constitution of exercise books of researches, trend files, styles, materials and the elaboration of the professional file at the end of the training.

THE patternmaking

It teaches to the students to stage their works during their schooling, then their creations in an professional environment.

The contents of the teaching passes by the description of the practical rules regarding factual decoration, the teaching of the marks which will allow the student to operate a choice so that its project is coherent and to its image.

These skills will allow the students to convince and to seduce their examination jury at the end of year, but also their future employer.

The textile and manufacturing technology

Real complement to the fashion design studies, the textile technology and the manufacturing technology have for objective the knowledge of the materials occurring in the manufacturing and the use of the garment, since the study of textile fibers up to the finished product.

It is a question of understanding the big stages of manufacturing, the properties of textile materials, data sheets, profits supplied by the control laboratories, the standards of labeling and the most common labels; according to the various textile sectors.

These studies are put in parallel with the textile experiment studies and lean on the wealth of the IBSM "fabric room".

the english

Today, English knowledge is essential in the professional world.

It's why the IBSM teaches to its students this foreign language during three years of training. The accent is put on the specific vocabulary in the fashion businesses, so that the students can become greatly integrated into their occupational environment from the end of their studies.

the economy and management

This teaching allows the students to understand the stakes in a furthermore complex economic and legal environment, but also to identify the functioning organizations principles.

It aims to bring to the pupils some marks and tools of economic analysis, to develop their reflection on the economic questions and to making them understand the stakes in the business administration.