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Students portraits

Testimonies of the former students of the IBSM, their today projects,

their today activities, their today passions.

Marie Colin

What's your career ?

"When I had my BTS Textile & Environment Design, I began with an internship of two months in Toulouse at Cantex. They make male clothes in particular for Devred, Celio, Alain Manoukian... For the communication on shows and for the customers, I realized a portfolio which illustrates all the Cantex products Cantex.

Then, a part-time contract was proposed to me and I continued to take care of portfolios for the communication part, then the style part and finally the finish of products."

What do you now ?

"At the same time as my activity at Cantex, I am in freelance, my first customer is Devred, I realize all their graphics. For every collection there are about forty graphics and about ten updatings every month.

You can see my graphics in their shop of Bordeaux and on the web site. Today I continue my researches by directing me on the magazine illustration (Glamour, Elle)."

Éleonore Delaitre

What's your career ?

"After the obtaining of my Fashion & Pattern Design Degree I made several internships on Bordeaux as assistant Designer, in particular at Van Cliff and Arpels."

What do you now ?

"I am Laurence Tavernier's assistant. First of all, I select on lounges some fabrics to be used for the new collection. Then, I order the measurements of fabrics (typical cups) necessary to realize the prototypes.

Then, I draw models for each of the fabrics. After validation of my models, we finalize the prototypes to make some mini collections for the representatives and the showrooms. Finally, for every model I make a data sheet intended for the production and the figurine intended for the portfolio of collection."

Céline Lafitte

What's your career ?

"After the obtaining of my Fashion & Pattern Design Degree, I made a first internshipin the shop " Be Shop One " as fashion designer. Then two months of internship at Lectra as assistant stylist. During my third year of schooling, I had the possibility  to continue this internship one day per week and during all the school holidays."

What do you now ?

"Today I work under permanent contract at Lectra on Cestas as design technician. I am formed on a big part of the offer Lectra.

I am in charge of the research, the processing, the creation, the integration of contents for the software developed by Lectra. Also, I worked on the collaboration IBSM / Lectra for the experiment of a new software."

Amandine Torrenova Veg

What's your career ?

"After the obtaining of my Fashion & Pattern Design Degree, I made an internship in Paris for the brand "Is Not Dead" where I was assistant designer for a while then main designer of the brand."

What do you now ?

"At the end of my internship at "Is Not Dead", I decided to continue my work with them. So I became self-employed and I began to work freelance, at first for them then with other brands as Benjamin LePrince or Zacometi. I also realized custom-made creations, such as wedding dresses or theatrical costumes."

Marjorie Boyard

What's your career ?

"After the obtaining of my Fashion & Pattern Design Degree, of which I was in alternation in the Silk trade in Bordeaux, I worked on the Grand Theatre in the costumes creation workshop. Then, I left for Switzerland to meet a French-Swiss creator for whom I worked during two years.

I then made a training as prototypist, in a workshop which subcontracts among others to Dior and Givenchy. In 2005, I am brought in in Bordeaux and worked at Fred's Dorbes's during seven years."

What do you now ?

"In 2012, I created my company to St Emilion, named "Confidential Creation". Since this date, I create wedding dresses and dresses for the guests. My job really fascinates me and I wish to continue in this sector as long as possible."