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Both participants and professionals, they have a

a perfect fashion world knowledge.

artistic and professional education

Michèle Dumur - fashion design and computer graphics

Having made one year of decorative arts in Bordeaux, Michèle Dumur has studied in the IBSM from 1989 till 1991. She has an experience of 8 years as computer graphic fashion designer in the "import-export" textile industry with the company JL International Labatut.

At the same time as it, she realized diverse freelance missions (women collection, Packaging) with Mallet and "Porte frères" companies.

In 2004, she created her brand, Michèlangély " Spirit of journeys ", stands out with feminine ready-to-wear clothing and with jewels.

Cécile Arné – Fashion design

After the obtaining of her pattern maker cetificat in 2003 at IBSM, Cécile Arné multiplied work experiences. She worked during almost 10 years for the brand of ready-to-wear "Aquitaine", in passing the quality control in China, on the styling, the elaboration of portfolio and relay with the Purchasing Department in Bordeaux.

This enthusiast of the fashion and its environment quite naturally decided to return to her sources, and to teach the fashion design in IBSM.

André Rivet – Pattern making

André Rivet was fashionably formed both on the feminine garment and on the male garment. Since 2009, he uses with interest the LECTRA software such as Modaris, Diamino, Fitnet and Bodyfit. He also multiplied the experiments in big fashion houses as Thierry Mugler, Guy Laroche, Hermes and Christian Dior.

This enthusiast of fashion, costume history and generally art turned to the (teaching) for several years to to transmit his passion.

Brigitte Castet – Pattern making Lectra modaris specialized

After a 28 years experience within the havrey company, Brigitte Castet brings to the students a complete education of the pattern making, the gradation and the elaboration of technical files. The daily practice of the software Modaris and Diamino brought her to communicate her robust expertise to the service of the IBSM training. Transmit the quality spirit to train for the jobs adapted to the industrial globalization.

Ghislaine Daurel-Heydenreich – Textile technology experimentations

Director of the IBSM, Ghislaine Daurel-Heydenreich is fascinated by textile materials, colors and harmony for a long time. After studies to the faculty of science of Bordeaux and the school of Decorative arts Duperré, she works as industrial stylist at Griffine.

In 1991 she takes back the IBSM and develops this school with all her energy and passion.